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on hold messages keep callers, even those using mobile phones, happy and educated and prepares them to buy.

When you boil it down, it costs pennies to keep busy callers on hold.  

You can't make a sale if they hang up.

Let us do the work for you and you'll save time and money over in-house attempts.

Every account is different, so be sure to call or email for a quote specific to your company.  

Consider how many times a year you want to change your on hold recording.

All recordings include:

-- Custom-created script writing (no fill in the blank templates)

-- Professional announcing

-- Properly licensed music

-- Delivery

Send an email and let us know:

What business you're in and if you're affiliated with any buying groups.

What kind of phone system you have and if there's anything playing on hold now.

How many times a year you would like to have a fresh recording.

How many items/services you want to promote in each recording.

Whether or not you need reminders.

If you have additional locations and if those locations need duplicate recordings or unique recordings.

We also provide auto-attendant or voicemail and other voice work or audio production.  Please describe any work you want us to quote in your email too.

We'll respond to your email with a quote customized just for you!  Please include your name and phone number too.