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Changing words changes everything

Ever wish you could change your baby into something else?  Perhaps an obedient dog, a girl instead of a boy, or a million bucks?


Help is here!  Simply go to almost any public restroom and you’ll probably find a “Baby Changing Station”.  The label leads me to believe you can change your baby there…


That’s where you can change your baby’s diaper, you say.  Oh… then why isn’t it called a “Diaper Changing Station”?


Even “Changing Station” would be more accurate than “Baby Changing Station”.


As my daughter admonishes her son… “use your words honey”.  It’s smart to use the right words and make sure you’re not sending the wrong message.


If you need help selecting the right words for your corporate videos, sales flyers, email responses, blogs and social media feeds we can help.  And of course, Ideas On Hold is your best choice for creating on hold messages and auto-attendant greetings.

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