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on hold messages keep callers, even those using mobile phones, happy and educated and prepares them to buy.

Envision your Message in every possible position

This faux pas demonstrates today’s point that your entire message should be well thought out.  Sure, when the door is shut and the truck is moving, it delivers a good message.  But when this truck is stopped to make a delivery it’s also delivering the wrong message.

Often customers will ask us to create a script with a phone number for listeners to call.  Whenever that happens, we call the number.  Almost 100% of the time, that number is our client’s main number. 

Yep, if we just followed orders and “ripped and read” whatever copy sent to us, then callers on hold would be asked to hang up and call back in… not a smart messaging idea.   

Your Auto-Attendant greeting and your on hold scripts are carefully crafted when you hire Ideas On Hold to custom-create your on hold messages. 

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