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on hold messages keep callers, even those using mobile phones, happy and educated and prepares them to buy.

Get more referrals

While preparing a remodeling quote, the owner of a construction company found Ideas On Hold’s playback equipment in our client’s phone closet. The player had a sticker on it with our phone number.  Because he wanted to reassure his callers with custom-created on hold recordings, he called us and we started working together.  The sticker referred him to us!

Make it easy for people to contact you and you’ll get more leads.  Put your contact information on everything that leaves your office.  Everything.

Email auto-signatures make it easy to supply all this information and more.

          Your name

          Company name

          Phone number and complete extension access number

          Website (insert the hyperlink for simple click access)

          Email address (include the hyperlink)

          Fax number

          Physical/shipping address (with map link)

          Billing address (if different from your shipping address)

          Blog link (yes, with hyperlink)

When you have only a limited space, be sure to include:

          Company name

          Website – it should have contact information on every page.

          If there’s no website, a phone number.  Be sure to include the area code!

          If there’s only room for one item: your website.

          Use QR codes if there’s only a small space.  They’re free and easy to make.  Easily enable people to use their smart devices to go to your site, a specific page on your site, your facebook page…

Some things to put your contact information on (besides every email and website):

          Every piece of equipment that goes out

          Every gift

          Both sides of any printed materials including:

          instruction manuals

          warranty information




          shipping boxes





          Every electronic communication

          Company vehicles

          Company issued uniforms

          Logo wear

If you need help creating an on hold message, click here to start the dialog.