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on hold messages keep callers, even those using mobile phones, happy and educated and prepares them to buy.

Ring, ring… “Hold on” … click… click

I know a person who can tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip. 

Some folks consider being on hold hell on Earth.  It’s one of the necessary evils associated with using a phone.

The average executive spends 17 minutes a day on hold!  (Makes you not want that promotion!)

Instead of telling callers to “hold on” then slamming the hold button, it’s more effective to say, “Will you hold while I… (get to my desk, answer the next call, tie my shoes, put out the fire in my waste basket).  Then, here’s the hard part… wait, wait, WAIT… for the caller to answer!  

The caller may say, “Can you transfer me to Doris?”  In which case, you answer, “Yes, I’d be delighted,” and you transfer the call.   There!  No one’s on hold and Doris gets to work. 

Companies spend a crazy amount of money to get people to call them.  When an advertising investment pays off and a prospect or customer calls in, send the smart message that your company cares and is willing to listen. 

If you want to keep callers on hold longer, consider adding professionally-created Ideas On Hold messages to your phone system.

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