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What does your auto-signature say about you?

True story: I dialed the number on a client’s auto-signature and heard, “Doo do do… the number you have reached is not in service”.  What!? 

Double check for fat finger dialing… nope.  Internet search for the number… got it!   Now I see, two of the digits in the phone number on his auto-signature were reversed.  Ah ha! 

Today, check your auto-signature to make sure the information is correct.  Really – dial the number, check your extension, make sure the mailing address is right, click on the link to the company website.  Make sure it all works.  Check every device, computer, phone, tablet and even your website.

You don’t want to miss out because the message you’re putting out is incorrect.  Sometimes people misspell the name of their company or department in their auto-signature.  It can be really embarrassing. 

True story number 2:  Rather than rely on my auto-signature (which I knew was correct), I put Ideas On Hold’s toll-free phone number in the body of an email and accidentally reversed two of the digits. 

My client was a bit confused when she called it and heard a very sexy female voice asking her which lady she wanted to date.  Oh boy! 

We had a good giggle over it, but the point still is; make sure your most basic message is accurate.

We can help you make a great first impression with your Auto-Attendant greeting, and we can help you sound great when callers wait on hold.

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