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“Can you get me an announcer with an English accent?” one of my favorite veterinarian clients asked me recently. 

“Sure,” I said, “but what is it about an English accent that appeals to you,” I asked.  

“I thought it would be more entertaining,” he answered.

Although adding an English accent may temporarily draw attention to the recording, it wouldn’t make the recording more entertaining.

Even Monty Python’s Flying Circus would have a difficult time entertaining an audience with material this clinical: 

“Fleas and mosquito’s are back in season.  Use new and improved Sentinel Spectrum and prevent heartworms, control intestinal parasites, including tapeworms and break the flea life cycle. Sentinel Spectrum’s upgraded formula now comes in a chewy beefy bacon flavored biscuit your dog can’t resist.  When we come back on the line, ask about Sentinel Spectrum for your dog.”

A funny or different accent wouldn’t change the clinical content of the message, only the delivery.  The content would still be dull to the listener’s ear. I encouraged him to direct us to be more fun and less clinical when we write his future on hold scripts.  

For example, he might direct us to write entertaining facts about fleas, then encourage callers to ask staff how to avoid living in a flea circus.  

At Ideas On Hold, we work to make your on hold recordings match your company’s attitude or image.  This should be the same on your website, other ads, signage, and how you conduct business. 

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Will a clever accent make words more fun?